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Get The Best Out Of Techsbook


Schedule Certified Technicians In Only 2 Minutes!


Monitor What The Technician Is Doing At All Times!


Choose Based On Technician Past Jobs Ratings

Supported Telematics Providers

dashcam installation by telematics technicians


gps and camera telematics accesories

GPS Systems

GPS installation by telematics technicians

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

telematics technicians

And many more!

Start Scheduling Now

Schedule in Just 3 simple steps

1 - Define your job

Specify what Job you want the technician to perform, whether it’s a dash cam, GPS, ELD, or any other installation and also how many devices you need the technician to install

2 - Choose Your Technician

Choose which technician you like the most by seeing the available technicians in your area, their availability, their rating, and other information you can have thanks to Techsbook

3 - Select Payment Method

Schedule in Just 3 simple steps

What Companies Say About Us...

“Techsbook does an amazing job of making it easy for our customers to schedule installations around their busy work weeks and they are committed to matching the level of service that we provide our customers.”
JC Garcia
VP of Sales GPS Insight
telematics technician providers

We Have Specialized Solutions For Telematics Providers Too

Our platform was created to meet all your needs. 

Connecting You to Certified Installation Experts

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