Installing Your Fleet Telematics Has Never Been Easier

Get an expert to your doorstep, fast and easy!

With Our Technician Marketplace You Can...


Quickly set up an appointment with a certified technician in a few short minutes!


Keep track of the technician's activities continuously. The Techsbook crew is also always vigilant to assure superior quality work.


Choose technicians by looking at the ratings and also rate them yourself.

What Companies Say About Us...

“Techsbook does an amazing job of making it easy for our customers to schedule installations around their busy work weeks and they are committed to matching the level of service that we provide our customers.”
JC Garcia
VP of Sales GPS Insight
gps and camera telematics accesories

Global Positioning Systems Installation

Elevate your driving experience with our expert GPS installation service, ensuring seamless navigation and state-of-the-art tracking for your vehicle.

Camera System Installation

Enhance your vehicle’s safety and security with our professional dash cam installation service, capturing every moment on the road with crystal-clear precision.

Electronic Logging Devices Installation

Transform your vehicle with our all-in-one service, providing top-notch installations of ELDs for the ultimate in technology and convenience.

telematics technicians

And Many Other Accesories!

Whether you need to install panic buttons, driver ID or any other type of telematics device, we got you covered!

The Technicians of Your Tomorrow

Traditionally, customers faced limited options when seeking technical services, often reliant on providers to supply technicians and big fees, leaving both parties longing for a better solution. 

That’s where TechsBook comes in. 

We’re not just a platform; we’re a community dedicated to transforming the industry. We empower blue collar technical workers by providing a transparent and direct pathway for telematics customers to connect with technicians.

telematics technician providers

We Have Specialized Solutions For Telematics Providers Too

Our platform was created to meet all your needs. 

Connecting You to Certified Installation Experts

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