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Enjoy the FREEDOM

No Waiting

No longer do you need to
provide detailed information,
sign a sales order or call a someone to book a technician

Extended Coverage

Enjoy no trip charges up to 50 miles away from a technician


Review technician notes and install images for a wholistic view of your installations

Quality Control

Jobs reviewed by Customers and TechsBook experts, rating overall experience, quality, professionalism, and reliability.

Experience the Difference

Join the Smartest Fleet Owners in the Country

Our platform brings qualified technicians specializing in telematics and camera installations to your fingertips. You have insight into each technician’s performance through publicly displayed work ratings. With a click you can view local technicians’ availability and book instantly. Use the direct messaging feature to communicate specifics with your selected technician. Enjoy fully automated billing, intuitive project management capabilities and complete installation transparency with direct access to technicians’ forms containing all the collected vehicle data, notes and image requirements as defined by Techsbook. Your portal also gives you access to customizable exports on a year’s worths of installation data. Finally, with in-house industry experts, technician education is continuous, and expectations are high with every job being reviewed by our Quality Control Team.

How to Become a Customer

How to Become a Customer

Click 'Schedule Now'

At the top of your screen, simply click on the 'Schedule Now' button which will bringing you to the account creation screen.

Create Username and Password

Create that elaborate password to keep your data safe!

Select Provider

Define your telematics provider so automation specific to that providers requirements is executed.

Define Payment Method

To simplify the purchasing process, define and enter the details or your preferred payment method.

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