Motorcycle Dash Cam: Understanding, Benefits & Selection

Did you know that over 5,000 motorcycles die in accidents each year in the US alone?

Stay ahead of the game with a motorcycle dash cam – your silent witness on the road.

Capture every ride, from scenic bike trips to unexpected incidents, ensuring your safety and peace of mind with a motorcycle camera.

With easy installation and powerful features like loop recording and impact detection, a dash cam is your ultimate riding companion.

Don’t take risks when you can have dash cameras all around you. Ride smart, ride safe with a motorcycle dash cam.

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Motorcycle Dash Cam

Enhanced Safety

Motorcycle dash cams (action cameras) contribute to enhanced safety by recording the road ahead, helping motorcyclists capture any incidents or accidents that may occur.

This dash camera footage can be crucial in determining fault and providing evidence in case of disputes.

  • Provides visual evidence for insurance claims

  • Encourages responsible driving behavior

Peace of Mind

Having a motorcycle dash cam offers peace of mind to riders knowing that they have a reliable witness on board capturing their entire journey.

Riders can rely on action cameras to support their version of events in the event of a collision or altercation.

3-Step, Easy Process To Get Your Dashcam Installed



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Benefits of Installing a Motorcycle Dash Cam

Protection Against False Claims

Installing a motorcycle dash cam can safeguard you from false insurance claims.

The video recording captured by the dash cam serves as proof, ensuring you are not wrongly blamed.

Dash cams, recording video, provide concrete evidence that can protect your finances and reputation.

They offer clarity in situations where it’s your word against someone else’s.

Deterrent to Reckless Driving

A motorcycle dash cam acts as a deterrent to reckless driving and road rage by recording video.

Knowing they are being recorded by dash cameras, other motorists are less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors on the road.

The presence of a dash cam encourages responsible driving habits among all road users. It promotes safer roads for everyone to enjoy.

Capture Memorable Moments

Apart from security benefits, motorcycle dash cams allow riders to capture scenic rides and memorable moments.

Whether it’s breathtaking landscapes, thrilling journeys, or action-packed adventures, these cameras help preserve unforgettable experiences.

You can relive your adventures through video footage captured by the dash cam, creating lasting memories of your rides.

Different Types of Motorcycle Dash Cameras


Single-lens dash cameras have one camera lens capturing video footage in front of the motorcycle.

Dash cameras are ideal for recording the road ahead to document any incidents or accidents that may occur during your ride.

Dash cameras are straightforward and easy to use, providing a clear view of everything happening in front of you.

Some benefits:

  • Simple setup

  • Clear footage of the road ahead


Dual-lens dash cameras feature two camera lenses, recording both the front and rear views simultaneously.

This type offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring that any events happening behind your motorcycle are also captured on video.

It provides added security by monitoring multiple angles at once.


  • Front and rear view recording

  • Enhanced security features

Built-in GPS capabilities

Certain motorcycle dash cameras come with built-in GPS capabilities, allowing riders to track their route and speed while recording video footage.

This feature is beneficial for reviewing your journey later or providing evidence in case of disputes regarding your location, speed, or action during a specific incident.

Dash Camera for Bike

Benefits of Motorcycle Dash Cams

Motorcycle dash cams provide visual evidence in case of accidents, helping to determine fault accurately.

They can also deter theft and vandalism when parked by capturing any suspicious activity.

These cameras offer peace of mind while riding, knowing that every moment on the road is recorded.

Features to Consider

When choosing a motorcycle dash cam, consider features like video quality, field of view, and night vision capability.

Opt for a camera with high-definition recording to capture clear details.

A wide field of view ensures maximum coverage around your bike, while night vision is crucial for recording in low-light conditions.

Helmet-Mounted Cameras for Motorcyclists

Unique Perspective

Helmet-mounted cameras provide a unique perspective by capturing action footage from the rider’s point of view.

Riders can record their entire journey, showcasing the road ahead, the surroundings, and cameras.

These cameras are designed to be lightweight and easily adjustable, ensuring that riders can achieve optimal recording angles without adding extra weight or discomfort to their helmets.

Enhanced Features

Helmet-mounted cameras often come equipped with advanced features like image stabilization and wide-angle lenses.

These camera features contribute to better video quality by reducing shakiness in recordings and capturing a broader field of view.

Selecting the Right Camera for Your Motorcycle

Video Quality Matters

When choosing a motorcycle dash cam, prioritize video resolution, frame rate, and camera.

Opt for cameras with at least 1080p resolution to capture clear footage.

A higher frame rate ensures smoother video playback, especially during fast rides.

Consider the low-light performance of the camera as well.

Look for options with good night vision capabilities to ensure visibility in various lighting conditions with a camera.

Cameras with excellent low-light performance can provide clear recordings even at dusk or dawn.

Durability and Weatherproofing

Select a motorcycle dash cam with sturdy construction and camera to withstand vibrations and bumps while riding.

Ensure the camera is weatherproof to endure different weather conditions like rain or extreme heat without damage.

A durable and weatherproof camera will last longer and provide reliable performance.

Once you’ve chosen your motorcycle dash cam, utilize our platform, Techsbook, to book an appointment with a professional technician. Rely on their expertise for the perfect installation of your dashcam.

Placement Tips for Motorcycle Dash Cameras

Secure Mounting

Mount the motorcycle dash camera securely to prevent shaky footage caused by vibrations.

Use mounts that ensure stability.

Placing the camera on the motorcycle’s body or helmet can provide different perspectives.

Opt for a location that offers a clear view without obstructing your vision, camera, or interfering with controls.

Specialized Mounts

Consider using adhesive mounts or brackets designed specifically for motorcycle dash cams and cameras.

These accessories are built to withstand various road conditions and keep your camera in place securely.

When mounting a camera, test different positions to find the best angle that captures important details while riding.

Ensure the mount is durable enough to handle bumps, vibrations, and camera during rides.

Installation and Setup of Motorcycle Dash Cams

Proper Installation

When installing a motorcycle dash cam, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Ensure a secure camera placement to prevent vibrations from affecting video quality.

Connect the camera to a reliable power source, such as the motorcycle’s battery or auxiliary power outlet.

This guarantees continuous camera recording without draining the bike’s main battery.

If you’re not skilled with these devices, rely on Techsbook for professional installation to ensure optimal setup and performance.

Adjusting Camera Settings

Customize camera settings such as video resolution for clear footage, date and time for accurate recordings, and enable features like GPS tracking if available.

Configuring these options optimizes your dash cam performance.

Remember to set up loop recording on a camera with an appropriate SD card size to ensure uninterrupted footage storage.

This feature automatically overwrites old files when the memory is full, preventing data loss.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Motorcycle Dash Cams

Cleaning the Lens Regularly

To ensure clear video recordings, regularly clean the lens of your motorcycle dash cam.

Dust and dirt can affect the quality of camera footage captured.

Use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe the camera lens without scratching it.

It’s essential to keep the camera lens free from debris that could obstruct visibility in recordings.

By maintaining a clean lens on your camera, you can capture high-quality footage during your rides.

Memory Card Check and Formatting

Check the memory card and camera regularly on your motorcycle dash cam to ensure smooth operation.

Formatting the camera periodically helps prevent data corruption and ensures that recordings are stored correctly.


You’ve now got the lowdown on motorcycle dash cams, from their benefits to the different types available.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, having a dash cam on your bike can be a game-changer. It’s not just about capturing epic rides; it’s about staying safe and protected on the road.

So, gear up, pick the right dash cam for your ride, and hit the road with confidence.

Trust Techsbook with a rapid and professional installation of these crucial cameras.

Your safety matters, and having a motorcycle dash cam is like having an extra pair of eyes looking out for you.

Stay safe out there!

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