February 2024

do dash cams record sound

Do Dashcams Record Audio? Mastering the Basics

Do dashcams record audio? This blog post delves into the functionality of dashcams, exploring whether they capture audio alongside video footage. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of dashcam audio recording is crucial for those considering this technology for their vehicles. Stay informed about the privacy implications, legal aspects, and benefits of having sound recorded along with video on your dashcam setup. Find out all you need to know about dashcams before making a decision regarding […]


Do Dashcams Drain Car Battery? Impact & Prevention

Curious about whether dashcams drain your car battery?   This blog post dives into the topic to provide you with clarity.   Dashcams, a popular accessory for many drivers, offer benefits but also raise concerns about their impact on vehicle batteries.   Does dash cam drain battery? Stay tuned as we explore the factors that determine if dashcams can indeed drain your car’s battery capacity and discover tips to mitigate any potential issues. Impact of


Use Phone as Dash Cam: Benefits, Legalities & Setup

Transform your smartphone into a reliable dash cam effortlessly. Discover how to repurpose your phone with apps for enhanced road safety and peace of mind while driving. Learn the benefits, setup process, recommended apps, and way for utilizing your phone as a dash cam efficiently. Capture crucial footage during commutes or road trips with this cost-effective solution and charger. Stay informed on the essentials of using your smartphone as a versatile and practical tool for


Mirror Dash Cam: Benefits, Features & Installation Guides

Ever wished for an extra set of eyes on the road? Picture having a reliable witness to every twist and turn during your daily drive. With a mirror dash cam and back camera, you can capture it all in crystal-clear detail. How about turning your vehicle into a smart, vigilant partner that never misses a beat? Say goodbye to blind spots and driving uncertainties with this cutting-edge technology by your side. Stay ahead of the


Best Dashcam for Truckers: A Comprehensive Guide

When hitting the road, truckers need reliable gear. AndHaving the best dashcam for truckers is non-negotiable. These facing dash cams provide peace of mind and crucial evidence in case of incidents. With technological advancements, today’s dashcams offer high-resolution hd video footage and advanced features tailored for semi trucks’ needs. Choosing the right vehicles can make all the difference in ensuring safety and security while out on those long hauls. Understanding Dash Cams for Truckers Benefits

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